A Leading Retail Petroleum Franchisee Enjoys Faster Network via HughesON ActiveTechnologies

A Texas-based retail petroleum marketer and convenience store chain, is experiencing significant network performance gains using HughesON ActiveTechnologies to turbocharge a slow DSL circuit at one of its new high-volume c-stores.

The new store is also serving as a real-world lab for stresstesting technologies of a new network services program thanks to the store’s uniquely challenging network environment. This program is the upcoming managed network service on which all of the retail petroleum marketers’ locations can run their POS and business applications over a faster, more secure and reliable network.

In its other stores, they have typically used a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite connection for POS transactions and back-office operations, and provisioned a second broadband network to run sophisticated predictive sales applications. The family-owed business was seeking to upgrade and consolidate its network to support its increasingly sophisticated business applications, so it gladly volunteered to be a beta test lab for the managed network services program using the Hughes HR4700 Branch Gateway and ActiveTechnologies. At the new test store, the DSL circuit was provisioned to deliver .512 Mbps uplink speeds, but unfortunately only delivered .39 Mbps. This proved insufficient to support all gas and retail transactions, as well as in-store and back-office applications...


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