WiFi Analytics

HughesON™ WiFi location analytics give you access to a deep level of visitor traffic patterns. More useful than either Bluetooth or video based monitoring.

WiFi Analytics in Retail


Visitor behavior has a clear pattern—but can you see it? With HughesON Location Analytics you can.

HughesON Location Analytics lets you tap into a river of invisible smartphone data and use it to supercharge your business. Our groundbreaking store analytics platform helps you see and even anticipate what your customers will do.

HughesON Location Analytics works by tracking customers’ mobile phones as they interact with your enterprise WiFi networks, and many behaviors are tracked even if the customer doesn’t actively use the network. You can discretely monitor dwell times, count footfalls by the hour, and see Web browsing habits. With these incredibly powerful insights, you can make smarter marketing decisions and boost revenue. WiFi tracking can tell you when a hot sales promotion causes a traffic surge. It can help you figure out what your busiest shopping day will be next month. And it can even show you which mobile apps customers use while in your store—and which competitors’ websites they surf.

HughesON Location Analytics has two solution elements, Guest Presence and Guest Insight.  The Guest Presence feature set monitors customer cell phones as they move throughout the store, requiring no action by the customer.  In fact, Guest Presence analytics are available even if you do not offer guest WiFi in your location. Guest Presence tracks the number and duration of each visitor to your store, dwell time in-store areas, maps traffic to in-store promotions, and allows for the effective matching of staff levels to store traffic across each and every hour of operation.

Guest Insights is the next level and analytics, and requires the customer to actively use the in-store guest WiFi. When accessing the guest WiFi service, Guest Insights allows for the presentation of custom landing pages to customers, providing a convenient way to capture additional customer details, like name and contact info, while also delivering targeted promotions and advertising.  Guest Insights can also gather social media insights on customers while also monitoring customer web browsing, to know what competitor sites and price information they are reviewing while in your store.

The intelligence you get from HughesON Location Analytics helps you set the perfect staffing levels, measure turnout from your marketing campaigns, and better understand your competition.

Online retailers have used online customer analytics for years to optimize sales. Now you can employ similar tactics to grow your brick-and-mortar bottom line.

Your customers’ behavior isn’t random. Are you ready to let HughesON Location Analytics show you what’s really happening in your store?

Do you know what’s really happening in your store? What you see just might floor you.

Designed for You

Cutting edge customization puts you in control

Effortless Web-based dashboard. Dig into your stats 24/7 using any browser, anywhere in the world.

Focus on the data you care about most. A widgetized dashboard lets you put your most important metrics front and center.

Filter out staff smartphones. HughesON Location Analytics can optionally ignore staff activity and keep it from tainting your customer data.

Defeat MAC randomization. HughesON Location Analytics accurately accounts for smartphones that randomly change their MAC addresses.

Generate brilliant reports. Easily view granular data over any custom time frame or store aggregation. Use it alongside other KPIs to spot store performance trends fast.

Pricing scales with your business. Tiered pricing plans make Wi-Fi tracking accessible to enterprises and brands of every size.

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