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Distributed organizations face unique challenges when it comes to their networks. Branches can have vastly different broadband access types and infrastructures. This lack of unity wreaks havoc on overall network performance. Adding cloud-based applications to the mix only compounds the problem.


Software-Defined Wide Area Network, or SD-WAN, is the next-generation solution to solve these problems. As a trusted, managed services leader, Hughes delivers on the promise of SD-WAN. The HughesON Managed SD-WAN solution, transforms ordinary broadband connections into enterprise-grade, high performance WANs.

Hughes is powering the SD-WAN revolution with service that goes the extra mile.

What Is Managed SD-WAN?

  • It is an end-to-end turn-key network that can be implemented on an existing network infrastructure quickly and easily.

  • It delivers dynamic load sharing across multiple connections for better traffic flow. At the heart of SD-WAN is the Active/Active capability to dynamically allocate traffic across two active paths.

  • It simplifies distributed networking through 24/7 WAN management, zero-touch configuration and Web-based network performance management.

  • It is agnostic to WAN transport.

Key Advantages

  • Industry-leading security

  • Fully managed service delivery

  • Faster processing and an improved end user experience

  • Non-stop application delivery

  • Guaranteed real-time application quality (ideal for video and VoIP)

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