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Customer Experience Builds Loyalty
Customer Experience Infographic


Did you know 86% of buyers would pay more for a better customer experience?

Proven Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

Did you know that just 1 happy buyer can equal 9 or more referrals for your business?

For years, retailers have lamented the "Amazon effect," -- the impact of e-Commerce on the traditional brick & mortar business model due to shifting shopping patterns.  What is often overlooked is the power of a fabulous customer experience.  One that can be shared.  One that drives loyalty.  

Solutions including digital menu boards, self-service / interactive kiosks, digital promotional boards, waiting area & dining area TV can create immersive experiences, provide additional product information and insights, and reduce the perceived waiting time.  

Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

The Customer-Facing Digital Signage Market in Retail Through 2021 Report


of retailers have used a type of digital signage to augment, change or improve customers' in-store experiences.


of retailers consider digital signage either important or essential for their customer experiences.


of retailers believe differentiation from competitors is the top reason they should adopt digital signage.

Customer experience hinges on better employees
HughesON Employee Engagement Tools

Did you know that "disengaged employees" cost companies between $400-500 billion?

Why are they disengaged?  According to CompuCom, people who work with outdated technology and/or poor communication feel less productive, and are 750% more likely to be frustrated and 450% more likely to quit.  

Companies with highly-engaged works are 21% more profitable and 17% higher in productivity.  Why?  Because when employee have the information and tools needed to, they offer discretionary effort.  They off cross/up sell opportunities that enhance product experiences and drive incremental revenue.

Solutions including BreakroomTV, MediaTraining, and Corporate DVR can provide real-time communication, relevant job aids, and on demand programming to employees when and where its needed most.  


The Value of Engagement is in the Numbers

Disengaged employees are not loyal. Without loyalty, they will take any opportunity to leave. When a front-line, $10/hr employee leaves, it can cost upwards of $3,000 to replace them. For a distributed organization or retailer, that can equate to a huge revenue and growth hurdle.

The Science of Engagement Calculator, built on 40 years of industry insight will help you understand your true costs of turnover.

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