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Digital Menu Boards Can Power the Customer Experience

Video Transcript

You have done the work to get your customers in the door, and now they are in your store and shopping. But once they are there, how can you continue to influence their purchase choices and create great customer experiences?

As customers shop, they reach a point of decision when they pick up an item and plan to make a purchase. Digital promo boards from Hughes give you the tools you need to create immersive experiences at your store, in turn, influencing the final sale and hopefully building loyalty.

Digital promo boards can be simple digital signage screens that show promotions and upsell information. However, the same technology can also power more advanced, interactive touch screens that provide an endless aisle experience, blending the online and physical store.

With the digital promo boards from Hughes, you can do either or both and control it all from the same cloud-based CMS. Organizing your content and scheduling what, when, and where it plays is simple with a web-based, drag and drop management application. With the digital signage, you can engage your customers with dynamic video and graphics.

Additionally, you can change the messages on any number of screens based on the time of day, location, season, and other factors. Finally, digital signage can develop in-store cross-sell opportunities by making customers aware of complimentary products or services.

These suggestions positively impact store performance, while also focusing on the customer. The HughesON Managed Digital Signage service will provide digital promo boards and many more digital communication services at your fingertips.

Give us a call and together we can create the winning experience that your customers deserve.