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Corporate DVR for Employee Communication

Video Transcript

Employee communication is the #1 thing that distributed business leaders can work on to improve their business. Communicate with, train, and recognize your employees through a video-based network, and you will see a reduction in employee turnover and an increase in customer experience scores.

At Hughes, we know the importance of talking to your employees and we have built an appliance to help you meet those objectives. We've all grown used to the idea that we can control the content that we watch. We choose what we want to watch and when we want to watch it. The Hughes Corporate DVR gives business the same control. By placing a Corporate DVR in your remote stores, offices, service centers, or other facilities, you now have the ability to deliver content to your employees using live and on-demand video services. The Corporate DVR has the ability to act as a secure, live broadcast receiver with full digital recording capabilities, and you can produce broadcasts and choose which sites have access and which sites do not, all from a simple-to-use, administrative user interface.

The Corporate DVR allows the local users to record, and you can auto set the DVR from the home office with no local effort at all. The Corporate DVR can support as many as 14 live HD channels at a time. The Corporate DVR can also be used to deliver on-demand viewing as well. Just like your DVR at home, where your TV service provider will place primetime television shows on the device so you can watch them without remembering to record them, the home office of your company can also place desired content on the Corporate DVR and let local users select from a list of available content that is organized by folders. In addition to selecting from an organized list, the home office can also setup non-live channels, which are playlists of content that play the videos at specific times, just like a regular TV schedule, and this allows local viewership with minimal effort by the team.

Users at the local site can view content from a Corporate DVR using the remote control and view it on a connected display. They can also connect to the corporate DVR using local Wi-Fi and the browser device of their choice, including tablets and smartphones.

Understanding how the viewers like the content is also important, and the Corporate DVR provides reports on who is watching what content. Whether it was on-demand or live, you get reports on who is watching what and at which location. All of this can be compared with results and behaviors to see if the content is having an impact.

The Corporate DVR comes in two models. The standard model is the HS3500, which is a small form factor and sits nicely next to a display and provides easy access to on-demand or live streaming content and can hold up to 400 hours of HD video content. The HS3600 is designed for those locations that wish to use direct satellite broadcasting and who want to store closer to 5000 hours of HD content. Both models of the Corporate DVR can be configured to receive non-video content distribution, such as system updates. These updates can be delivered directly to the systems in the store or made available for download by authorized users.

Whether you're building a corporate communications network, a training services network, or a content delivery network, the Hughes Corporate DVR is ready to work with you.

Give us a call and let us show you how it can work for your business today.