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Employee Engagement

Employee-Facing Digital Signage

Times continue to change.  Staff continue to change.  So should your communication.  In an age where workers demand information at their fingertips, your communication channels need to provide exactly that.  With flexible and scalable, employee-facing digital signage, you can quickly and easily inform everyone in your organization, as well as provide real-time job aids - so they can do their jobs better - which has a direct correlation to customer experience.  

Cloud-based training & learning

To ensure your teams view, comprehend, and use the training your company provides, it needs to be relevant, timely, convenient, and easy to use & find.  Hughes MediaTraining is a web-based SaaS (software as a service) training solution that enables your organization to deploy vast video and content libraries to any internet-enabled device.  Additionally, content consumption as well as complete usage analytics are available out-of-the-box, so you can rest assured your teams have access to content when they need it.  

Live & OnDemand Video Delivery

In much the same manner as your home DVR, Hughes' Corporate DVR provides on demand video access as well as live, town-hall style video to your front line workers.   With a small-format appliance, you can give your teams the ability to quickly & easily consume relevant content regardless of the shift they may be working.  Ideal for larger, distributed organizations, organizations can draw from a vast library of video-based assets and deliver them through a secure, robust platform that people will watch.  

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