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Breakroom TV

The HughesONTM Breakroom TV solution is a passive, flexible, easy-to-use, easy-to-setup employee engagement and corporate communications solution that enables retailers to enhance breakrooms. With Breakroom TV, you can offer live or on-demand TV programming from any satellite or cable provider, wrapped with real-time company information, local information, social media feeds, that are all displayed on the same HD screen.

Employee Satisfaction

As recruiting and retaining good employees becomes harder, companies must make employee satisfaction a top priority. One of the most common demands is better communication. With Breakroom TV, your associates can access live and on-demand TV while getting up-to-date corporate and local information, personal recognition, and social media updates.  

Employee Engagement

With Breakroom TV, you can create a culture that engages your employees, leading to higher productivity and lower turnover. One of the best ways to engage your employees is to communicate regularly. With Breakroom TV, you can use compelling video and other digital media components to relay information about the company, provide company-wide or store specific announcements, and let your employees see and hear from senior leadership regarding performance and future initiatives.

Bringing It All Together

The Hughes Breakroom TV solution becomes a single source for all critical information. While employees can enjoy a few minutes of live TV, they can also see important messages and information from the company.  Additionally, with integrated Video On Demand, users can use the Breakroom TV platform to view training; enabling organizations to make training even more accessible.  


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