Hughes ActiveClassifier™

Intelligent, Automated Network Traffic Classification


Hughes ActiveClassifier automatically identifies different types of data and apps, and tags them with a specific priority setting. ActiveClassifier does away with the time-consuming process of configuring rules to classify and prioritize traffic, using advanced heuristic algorithms to do these functions. 

If you visualize your network as a connected series of roadways, ActiveClassifier plays the role of traffic cop. Its advanced technology helps it recognize and automatically classify different traffic types: Internet data, video, voice, POS transactions, and more. ActiveClassifier tags these data types with a priority setting that you establish, so your most critical data and apps always get through with high quality of service.

ActiveClassifier eliminates the burden of constantly monitoring and maintaining rules for network traffic prioritization by dynamically and intelligently monitoring the network, recognizing traffic types and automatically classifying them to help ActiveQoS better prioritize them.

The result? Better, faster network performance over affordable broadband—and fewer network management headaches for you.