Future-proofing Restaurant Wi-Fi

Changing market dynamics have fueled fierce competition among QSR, Fast Casual, and Casual Dining restaurants. Guest Wi-Fi represents a strategic opportunity to differentiate the customer experience and increase business. Today, mobile apps empower customers to order food, reserve a table, and purchase gift cards. Frictionless integration with loyalty programs encourages reward redemptions, which turns occasional diners into avid fans. Many forms of in-store digital entertainment reduce the diner’s perceived wait time and drive up customer satisfaction. Exclusive video content shapes the diner’s perception of the restaurant brand. With so many different ways to make a meaningful business impact, Guest Wi-Fi is gaining momentum in the restaurant industry. To fully benefit from Guest Wi-Fi, restaurants need to anticipate future requirements and design accordingly. Competitive pressures for the limited share of the diner’s wallet will only increase. Poor Wi-Fi executions will hurt the restaurant’s brand and ability to support future customer engagement initiatives. Restaurants with inflexible Wi-Fi technology will be at a severe disadvantage and may have to rip-and-replace their solutions. The following contains some guidance on future-proofing restaurant Wi-Fi deployments.


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