Hughes Managed SD-WAN

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Distributed organizations face unique challenges when it comes to their networks, especially for those incorporating broadband. Branches can have vastly different broadband access types and infrastructures, which can wreak havoc on overall network performance, while increasing management complexity. Adding Cloud-based applications to the mix compounds the problem.

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network, or SD-WAN, is the next-generation solution to solve these problems. As a trusted technology and managed services leader, Hughes is well-positioned to deliver on the promise of SD-WAN. The Hughes Managed SD-WAN solution, which leverages ActiveTechnologies™, transforms ordinary broadband connections into enterprise-grade, high-performance WANs.

Hughes Managed SD-WAN is a carrier agnostic solution with nationwide coverage leveraging wired, cellular, and wireless transports. Designed especially for highly distributed organizations, Hughes Managed SD-WAN is the leader in Distributed SD-WAN. Our SD-WAN solutions are typically deployed with a single branch device integrating broadband optimization, multipath traffic steering, routing, and security functions to minimize branch complexity and cost.

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